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Bring a Friend


Can you believe the pandemic has actually been a blessing! It has given us, the Secretariat, time to be able to learn and get things up to standard with the new Step-by-Step manual that the National Secretariat has sent out for us to use for future Cursillo weekends.

The Step-by-Step manual has been put together to bring the weekend into perspective with what Eduardo Bonin had started so many years ago. We have been busy working on getting the weekend manuals revised. Our editing and making of the new back table manual is intended to make the job of the Rector/Rectora go smoothly. We are very excited about getting this out to the upcoming teams!

Now as Cursillistas we have also been given extra time. Time to think about possible people that we would like to invite to the weekend. Time to get busy making a friend, being a friend and bringing that friend to Christ.

Are we taking the time to do the steps that we are asked to do? Not just telling someone that they “need” to go to a weekend, but to explain what a Cursillo is. Tell them about group reunions and ultreya. Help them to understand that this is a time in their life for them to learn more about their faith journey. To hopefully get closer to our Lord as they walk their path.

I am praying that God has Cursillo 2022 in His plans for us, but even if things don’t work out the way we want them to, we are all still asked to go out and Make a Friend, Be a Friend and to Bring that Friend to Christ!

God Bless You All

Laurie Wiederrich